Another young African murdered by the Police

13 Jun

Yesterday, June 12th , the community of the Bairro 6 de Maio, in Amadora[1] (Lisbon) was horrified  with the new of Musso’s death, a 15 years old black male. A blow in his head is the cause of death. According to his relatives one month ago he was taken to the police station  and tortured by the police officers. He came back home complaining of strong headaches and told his family that he was tortured by the police. They took him to the Emergency Services of Saint Mary´s Hospital[2]. He stayed in the hospital for several days and was then sent home.  However, the pain didn’t stop. He kept complaining and was sent again to the hospital, this time was the Amadora-Sintra Hospital[3]. He stayed in the hospital until he died yesterday due to injuries that lead to a burst vein in the brain.

Eight years ago, in the same community, young Teti, also with 15 years old, died the same way. It is up to 15 (that we know), the number of young black and poor killed by the Portuguese police in the last ten years, without a single conviction.

Last December, the police officer that killed 14 years old Elson Sanches “Kuku” in 2009, was acquitted of the accusation of  homicide by negligence. According to the scientific police the gun was shot at the distance of 15 cm (about 6 inches) of Elson’s head living, in our and in any decent persons judgment, no doubt that it was an execution.

This acquaintance was just another white card for the police to carry on killing black youth, unpunished and with the endorsement of Mainstream Media and the Portuguese society.

Police violence is the most visible form of the Estate violence developed by the Portuguese Government against the black community in consonance with the Institutional Racism and Labor Terrorism. The deaths are just the most extreme cases of the violence perpetrated on a daily basis in our community.

Given that the police does whatever they want in our communities – in stead of guarantee our security they generate insecurity – and is never liable for their acts, it is our community’s duty to self organize and ensure the conditions to defend it self from the police brutality and other affronts.


Justice and Peace





[1] Amadora is a County of Lisbon. It has the biggest black community of Portugal and the highest history of police violence and murder.

[2] One of Lisbon central hospitals

[3] Suburban hospital with problems of overcrowding and negligence destined to serve two of the biggest dorm counties.

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